Monday, May 28, 2012

I know, I know... it has been a long time since I have written anything. And even that is an understatement! I feel like I go through seasons. Sometimes I want to spend every waking minute documenting the lives of my beautiful children through photography. Other times I switch to a scrapbooking mode, when I try to express myself through creating fun & festive pages on which to display the hundreds of photos I take. Then other times I enjoy making hair bows for my little girl who seems to want to outgrow them- but I am in denial about that one! And of course there is a certain time of year when it seems we have birthday after birthday, and I become immersed in party planning. I love all my hobbies. I put my heart into every bit of them. But I believe my longest lasting, most satisfying, and biggest personal passion is truly writing. Not a surprise for those who know me I am sure. I L.O.V.E. to talk & express myself. I crave being able to share my thoughts & emotions with someone, with everyone! And when I do sit down to write- whether it's a letter, an email, a blog, or just journaling- I have to really pull myself away because I just never want to stop. If it weren't for the kids and necessary trips to the bathroom, I would write for hours on end!! All that said, I would like to be able to sit back down again and blog a bit more regularly for a while. Not sure how often that will be right now. A lot has happened and we have been quite busy since I last was writing. Including a new addition to our family- Alexander, only 2 months old at the moment. Actually he was part of my inspiration to sit back down and write. I wanted to share his birth story as I had once shared Natalie & Zachary's. My next blog though will probably be just a 'brief' (however brief I can actually make it!) update of our activities since my last blog. For now though, here is a picture of our new little guy at just a few days old.