Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Labor? Let's Go Eat!

Though I think most women when they are at the end of their first pregnancy would be anxious to get it over with, from the stories I have heard, I don't think my mom was. When she went into labor with me, instead of worrying about making it to the hospital, she went out to eat! No wonder I love Chinese food, because that's where she went. It's very hard for me to imagine this, the last thing I was worried about when I was in labor with my first child, was food. I just wanted to get checked into the hospital!! But knowing my mom, she is a much stronger woman then I am.
I have been reminded much throughout my life, that she was in labor with me for around 36 hours. A number I feared, since I have been told a woman takes after her mother when it comes to how long labor may last- and yes, my first was around 32 hours or so. I had an epidural, I am not sure if my mom did or not, but I know she had back labor. I was a pain in her back from the beginning!
As for breastfed or bottle fed, a very hot topic for moms now, I was bottle fed. My mom tried to breastfeed me, but it was too rough on her and she was in a lot of pain, so it didn't last long. And again, like mother, like daughter, I was unable to breastfeed for similar reasons.
For the short story of how I got my name, check out this post.

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  1. While I was in labor I was thinking about Taco Bell. While I was in labor I told my husband... "I don't care what hour this baby comes out at I want to have Taco Bell to eat as soon as I'm allowed." (We live 1 hour from Taco Bell, but it was only 5 minutes from the hospital so I wanted to take advantage.)

  2. Yea for Mommy's Piggy Tales. Starting from the very beginning I see :) It does typically go mother like daughter. My mom did natural birth and so did I. My mom breast fed and so did I. My mom had 4 kids and... well we'll see.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to next week's story!

  4. I also had a long labor with my first...18 hours and I pushed for 2 1/2 of those! Not quite as long as yours, but tiresome none the less! :)
    I was thankful for the blessing it produced in the end!
    Blessed to be in this group with you! Looking forward to reading and learning more!

  5. Come on, Crystal is a very nice name not so common at all. 32 hours! wow I thought 20 hours was to long for my wife.
    Fellow member from group 1 at Mommny's Piggy Tales

  6. 36 hours is a very long time! Wow!

    I love Chinese food, too, but I'm pretty sure my mom didn't have Chinese food when she was in labor!

  7. It's so funny the different things people do while in labor. I saw one lady on the A Birth Story show playing Scrabble with her husband. Let's just say I was in no condition to play scrabble when I gave birth:)

  8. I had to laugh when reading your post. I feared my labor time because my mother labored for more than 24 hrs. Thankfully mine were short - 13 hrs at the most. I was not in the mood to eat while I was in labor - I was too afraid I'd throw up and it would be wasted. All my kids were born late in the evening, so I never got the steak dinner promised each time.

    I love the name Crystal, but I think most kids go through a period of not liking their name.


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