Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Wants to Marry Me This Time?

I am honestly not sure when exactly this was, but I do remember I went to a school of some sort- whether is was preschool or grade school is sorta jumbled up in my memory.
I do remember that my mother and stepfather were managers of an apartment complex and while they lived in an apartment close the the front of the complex, beside the office, I actually lived with my grandma in a small two bedroom unit towards the back. It was just her and I, as my sisters (I think this was before my youngest sibling was born) lived with my mom.
I remember coming home from school and watching Care Bears in my Grandma's living room with my sister Carolyn. And sometimes if we were really good, we would get to have some fruit snacks, something my mom never kept in her own home.
And one of the good things about living in an apartment complex is having friends who live right outside your very own door! There were two little boys, brothers, who lived just across a small courtyard type area. And as any little girl, my favorite game was pretending to get married! In fact I had my first kiss (just a little peck on the lips- but that was a big deal to a very young girl!) with the older of the brothers. Though in fact, they would argue over who got to play the groom, and boy did that make me feel good!! Probably the only time in my whole life I had boys fighting over me!!

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  1. I enjoyed living in apartments too as a youth. There was always someone to play with.

  2. My memory is very similar...the getting kissed part...except I had a different reaction! :)
    Cute post!

  3. Living in apartment complexes is great. So much variety of people to know and play with, and always some activity goign on.

    My daughter loves Care Bears :-).


  4. When I was very young, I thought living in an apartment would be terribly exciting with all those friends around all the time, just waiting to play!

    Beth from Group3

  5. Oh the simple joys of Care Bears and fruit snacks. I remember those days:) and playing house of course.


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