Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for a Change!

Well I am guessing most of you have noticed that I not only changed my blog title but the URL as well. When I started writing under "Cherishing Life's Little Blessings" I had hoped to focus more on my 2 little blessings specifically, Natalie & Zachary. But as I wrote, my biggest inspirations did not come from my children, but from the things God has taught me in life. So for me the title did not fit, even though I have occassionally blogged about my children, that was no longer the reason for my blog. This has actually been something I have wanted to change for a while now, I just hadn't figured out what to call it that would be shorter and also a broader title to cover the things I may choose to write about in the future, whether its my children, life as a Navy wife, gems of wisdom God has revealed to me, or the latest book or movie I may want to share!
And now that I have found a title I am happy with, in the future I may chose to have a custom designed layout, we will just see how things turn out. For now though, its just a new title with the same old design, and about the wonderful new things God is constantly sharing with me so I can pass them on to you!
Please feel free to tell me what you think of my new title, and in general anything I write about! It is always so encouraging and exciting to me to get your comments!!

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