Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dreaming Big Dreams

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She dreamed big dreams. Dreams of becoming a doctor, as she would practice on her friends and pets; Trying to fix every little boo-boo. She dreamed of being a lawyer, arguing seemed to be only too natural to her as she constantly tested her theories among her siblings; much yelling ensued and the judge always had to step in to keep her in line. She longed to be a great chef, and would whip together her favorite macaroni and cheese whenever the opportunity provided itself! She aspired to become a photographer and hang her many beautiful photos in the best galleries. And sometimes she would picture herself as a designer and architect, dreaming up the most awesome and creative buildings, stretching her creativity farther then she could ever imagine, time and time again. This girl would often sit in her English classes, as she would read the novels of amazing authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and imagine herself someday winding a wonderful tale with words to create wonderful lands and far away places only seen through the eyes of her readers. But soon it was time for her to grow up and choose a path to follow. Would she be a doctor, a lawyer, or a chef? Should she become a photographer, an architect, or a writer?
The decision became very clear to this little girl, as she quickly was becoming a young woman, she would be a mother and she would be so much more.
A doctor who would heal her children's wounds with bandages, hugs and kisses. She would be the lawyer who cunningly convinces her children they want to clean their rooms and go to bed on time so that they can be well rested for the adventures tomorrow holds. She would be a chef, constantly experimenting with new ways to tuck nutritious vegetables and grains into food that would end up in her children's bellies and not splattered on the walls or floor. She would become a great photographer, constantly trying to snap that extra special shot that would make it onto the walls of her own gallery, the most precious gallery she could ever hope to make it into, the gallery of a happy home. She would become an architect, constantly using her creativity to build the better fort, or construct the perfect science or craft project with her children. She would even become the author of the best story ever written, as she created her own unique tale with her wonderful children and family as they have their ups and downs on the long winding path God has led them down. She would even be things she hadn't dreamed of as a child, a teacher, a counselor, an entertainer, an artist, a party planner and anything else her children would require of her as they grow and dream their own dreams. But most importantly of all she would be a mother.

What did you dream of when you were a child? Did your dreams come true in some form?

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