Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Beach Picnic

Jon ended up having an extra day off yesterday, so we went on a last minute picnic at the beach since it was low tide. The kids weren't as interested in the tide pools as I was, but it was still a nice afternoon with the family!

Our Little Family

My Sweet Little Big Boy

My Beach Beauty

Zachary showing off his new skills.

Natalie loves playing in the sand, its all she really wanted to do.

Jon relaxing under a palm tree with Zachary, if there had been a breeze, this would've been absolute perfection.

Natalie and I found a crab, this was the biggest. We also found a whole bunch of tiny ones and some hermit crabs as well. This was why I wanted to go at low tide, I remember doing this with my mom and sisters when I was younger and we would go to my great Uncle Mike's place by the water which had a rocky shore. We would just flip over the rocks and watch the teeny crabs scatter.

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  1. Such awesome pictures. I am glad you guys had a chance to have some family time and enjoy the beautiful parts of Guam. Thanks for sharing.


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