Friday, July 24, 2009

Blessed by Your Friendship

In high school making friends was just a part of life. You are surrounded everyday by these people, you are bound to connect with someone sometime, its inevitable. Some may be single serving friendships, people who you enjoy while they are there but it fades quickly when you no longer see them regularly. Then some are life lasting, people you really make a connection with and it just sticks, no matter the distance between you. Both are wonderful friends and serve to bless you in some way. Now just out of high school I had my group of friends, people who all lived nearby who I had been friends with from school or church, but soon after getting married to my sailor it came time for our first move.

Best Friends from Washington

I am not a 'people person' or a 'social butterfly', as my husband is. It can take some time for me to open up and make friends, especially when I am not constantly surrounded by them as in high school or at work. I was terrified about having to move and make new friends. I didn't think it was possible for me to find anyone who could truly be my friend other then the people who I left behind in Washington as we traveled across the country to Virginia.

It didn't take us long to find a church in Virginia and we knew right away that it was where God wanted us. I was amazed at how fast we made friends! Though I never had realized it before, apparently I had been thinking subconsciously that outside of my circle of friends in Washington there were no good people who could like me! But here across the country in Virginia we met some wonderful, salt of the earth, good Christian friends. And I can't say I feel we had enough time together, I miss them all dearly.

'Salt of the Earth' friends in Virginia

When the time came to move again, my mind went back to the same line of thought as before, I won't possibly be able to find as good friends in Guam as I have in Washington and Virginia. You see how stubborn I am? Sometimes I just don't learn the first time. Not surprisingly, God has blessed us so graciously again. Now I can't imagine never having met such wonderful, encouraging and caring friends as we now have here on Guam. I just stand amazed at God's faithful blessings that pour out on us through others. And hopefully I will be able to remember that the next time we have to move; there are good and wonderful people God will bring into our lives no matter where we go. And sometimes He will only bless us with them for a short time before one of us moves on to bless someone else, somewhere else, but how amazing it was to know them for even the shortest time!

Encouraging friends on Guam

Thank you to all the people I have been blessed to call friend. God has poured so many blessings on me through the friends He has brought into my life. I look forward to all the new friends I will make in the future as we continue to move as the Navy needs, but while I am here I will savor those I have right now for as long as I can!

What are some of your best memories with friends old & new? Who has God blessed you with in your life?

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