Friday, July 10, 2009

Let It Pour

Oh how I long for the day when I can again enjoy a rainy day as I feel it should be. Growing up in Washington, appropriately nicknamed the 'rainy state', I am no stranger to a lot of rain. And honestly it never bothered me that it was wet outside for the majority of the year. Fall was always my favorite season, summer my least favorite; so the rain suits me. But the kind of rain I expect and long for, is the cold and wet variety!
Another cloudy gray day.

We have been in Guam a year this month and I still cannot get used to the constant humidity and heat. I don't like the rain here. Even just the cloudy days are enough to mess with my mind. I sit inside my well air-conditioned apartment on the fourth floor looking out at the downpour and dreary gray sky and I imagine sitting out on the lanai enjoying the cold weather, only to actually walk out and feel a too warm, uncomfortable breeze in the air. I walk out my door without a jacket expecting to be reminded I need it by the chill and steam from my breath, only to be slapped in the face with the heat. I long to run through the cold rain to my car bundled up in my warm coat with the hood pulled up to protect my hair while the bottoms of my jeans get just drenched from the puddles I splash through; instead I just run through the rain getting all my thin clothes wet and my feet soaked because why would I wear anything but flip flops here?! And of course compared to the rain in Guam, Washington rain is almost a light sprinkle, a mist but on Guam when it rains its like God has just taken a huge bucket and emptied it over the island. You can't be in it for only a minute without looking like you just jumped in the pool fully clothed!

The downpour begins.

Then there is just the fact of how sudden it can come on. Sometimes no warning and it just hits you. Other times you can see the wall of rain as it approaches and you can only pray it takes a turn for a different direction! Sometimes it seems cloudy and gray so you may make an educated guess you WILL be rained on, other days seem bright and sunny before it starts. Just because you wake up to a beautiful day outside doesn't mean it can't take a turn, and the same goes for when the rain stops. It may be minutes or it may be hours. You may wake up to a dull, gloomy day and have a beautiful blue sky in the afternoon. You just never can tell!
I suppose though in all fairness there are some good points to the rain here. I would definitely be more likely to go out and play in the tropical rain. If I were to do that in Washington without my jacket I would probably catch a cold! And let's face it sometimes it is fun to just go hop from puddle to puddle, or dance around letting the warm rain hit you face and just enjoy the shower from heaven. Or I could have my own love scene like in the movies; completely drenched standing out in the pouring rain, my love rushes up to me sweeps me off my feet as we share in a passionate kiss with the rain streaming down both of our faces. Maybe that is something I should look into while we are here in the midst of this tropical weather!
Still, I do miss my Washington rain, though I think from now on I will try to make the most of Guam's rainy season while we are here.

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