Friday, July 10, 2009

Restarting an Old Passion

Once upon a time, I wrote poetry, short stories and I even blogged a little. But then things happened, and I never managed to get back into one of the God given talents I most cherished, creative writing. I forgot how good it felt to share my opinion in writing and just work my words into something I could be truly proud of. And honestly I have missed it!

Now thanks to a little push here and there from friends or circumstances that left me longing to once again to put my thoughts onto paper, I am back!

I hope to share about all the little things, good and bad, about life. I am a mom of two beautiful children who provide me with new adventures and things to consider each day. I live on the beautiful island of Guam that I am constantly learning new things about. I am a proud Navy wife so that also presents me with some very passionate subjects to discuss. And above all I am a woman striving to live a life pleasing to the Lord. I am very passionate my beliefs and about helping others. God has allowed some great trials in my life and I hope to always use them to give Him the glory because He has pulled me through each one; making me stronger despite them every day.

I make it my goal to write at least one or two blogs a week. I look forward to any comments anyone has to leave about anything I write. Constructive criticism is always welcome too. And I am more then happy to answer any questions, even very personal ones because I want to be real, I don't want to hide anything or wear a mask. This is something I am working on as God has laid it on my heart.

Well I hope you all enjoy my blogging! Thank you for taking the time to hear what I have to say!

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