Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

Jon and I 'started' potty training Natalie at 20 months old. We really hoped we could get it taken care of early because we were so tired of diapers; we were tired of buying them, changing them, and disposing of them! Due to lack of discipline on my part mostly, we decided to give it a rest for a little while because Natalie didn't seem to be getting it and we thought maybe it was too early for her.

Months went by and occassionally if she showed interest I would place her once again on that porcelin throne, but nothing ever happened. Eventually Jon found out we would be moving to Guam the following summer; we decided with such a big move it wouldn't be a good idea to really get into potty training until we were settled in Guam. So again we put it off for a few more months. In those few months, right before our little family was about to move overseas, I found out I was pregnant with Zachary. As expected I had about 4 months of nausea and was not about to try something as daunting as putting Natalie on the potty every half an hour during that part of the pregnancy, I would just wait until that passed and I was more comfortable. So I picked a day after the nausea had subsided. I decided didn't want to be changing the diapers of both my kids, one at a time in diapers would be enough! But I quickly realized that was easier said then done.

Natalie had learned how to really be stubborn. She didn't want to learn how to use the big girl's potty at this point. And as my belly grew, I didn't have the energy to fight her over it or to sit in the bathroom with her as she sat on the toilet, happily I might add, for 15 minutes at a time just refusing to go, then she would sweetly ask for her diaper each time I took her off of it- the 'fight' part began when I told her no more diapers. That lasted for about 4 days with no success before I gave in.

My big girl going potty and wearing panties!

Now at three and half years old, Natalie has finally gone one full day diaper free AND dry!! Of course we are bribing her with M&Ms, but somewhere down the line we will just have to 'forget' to give them to her and see how often she begins to forget them herself when she realizes how much better she will feel about herself, and how much more comfortable she will be, not sitting in a diaper full of her own bodily waste. Until then I just pray we have many more dry days and that Natalie continues to be very excited about using the potty on her own.

How long did it take you to potty train your children? Any tips or tricks you would like to pass on to the mommys of toddlers?

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