Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coffee Desired, Tea Inspired

What is it about the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino or the Caramel Macchiato that have me longing to like coffee? I wish I could find a comfy spot lounging in a dim but cozy coffee house, ordering a fancy sounding cup of coffee to sip as I read a classic piece of literature on my day off. This has actually been a fantasy of mine since I was young. Coffee was a sophisticated drink that only the older and mature people drank. It seemed a symbol of age and wisdom which I foolishly longed for ahead of my years. I wanted to be the moody poet whose inspiration struck in the intimate low lighted corners of some posh coffee shop while surrounded by other melodramatic writers huddled over their own laptops and miniature cups of steaming espresso.
I don't really remember when I first tried a sip of the coffee flavored water my mother would brew every morning. But even her weak and creamer diluted version of the coffee I so admired and aspired towards, left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, literally! I discovered I couldn't stand the dark stuff in even its weakest form. Despite my utter disgust at the taste, I still considered it a status symbol for many years. I was jealous of my sisters who did develop a liking towards it, and I too wished to make my rounds through the local Starbucks ordering vastly overpriced and fancied up vente lattes or frappuccinos.
At some point I just had to except that coffee would not make me more sophisticated or a more mature and wise adult. I have now embraced tea as my new beverage of choice, particularly the green variety. And while I don't think it makes me any wiser- unless you count the added health benefits it may provide over coffee- or mature- unless you count the years it has taken me to discover this alternative beverage- it does somehow make me feel more sophisticated as I sit and sip it from my over sized Tinkerbell mug, in my well lit living room, surrounded by piles of toys and playful children. Here, with my tea, I now find all the inspiration I need.


  1. This made me smile this morning, especially the description of your Tinkerbell mug. :)

    I am an avid coffee drinker. I remember my Korean grandmother offering it to me when I was a little child, overly sugared and nary a drop of cream. I thought it was divine. Now I drink it super strong with one big spoon of sugar and a big blop of Italian Sweet Cream creamer.

    And it still makes me happy!


    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog, Crystal! I tried to reply directly back to your comment but your blogger settings don't have your email addy linked to it. So here I am, and I'm glad I visited!

  2. Well I am glad you enjoyed it, even if I am still a little envious of your taste for coffee :)
    Its funny, I even sort of like the smell, my husband drinks it strong and I love surprising him by making him some with nutmeg or cinnamon to give it that extra something.
    And I do admit, it is beginning to mildly appeal, because I enjoy tiramisu that isn't overly coffee-ish. Though I tried a bit of my hubby's coffee gelato yesterday when we went out, thinking the sweeteness would help, but nope, still all bitterness to me!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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