Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Names

Well I said last week that I would share my current top 10 baby names, these are mine though not necessarily husband approved. So here goes...
1. Aubree Nicole
2. Andrew Kale
3. Naomi Paige
4. Jonathan Andrew Daniel
5. Olivia Paige
6. Jeremy Andrew
7. Valerie Nicole
8. Jeffrey Andrew
9. Nicole Paige
10. Matthew Jonathan Kale

If you can't tell, their is a good bet our next child will have Nicole or Andrew somewhere within their name! I like having a family connection in some part of the name. Nicole is my little sister who I am closest too. Andrew is the name of Jon's Uncle who was a godly man but died of cancer when Jon was around 10. I find it interesting though, that my two favorite names are Nicole and Andrew, and my sister Nicole is about to marry an Andrew! Our family is full of repetitive names, by birth and marriage!

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  1. Great list! :) I'm partial to Jeremy *my hubby*, but Ian Nathaniel has always been one of my favorite combos! :P

    Love Olivia!!...does Olivia Oaks sound funny? lol

  2. Aubree Nicole... I LOVE IT!! :)

    I have some big news for you, but finding out through a comment isn't fun! :P So got to my blog and try to find your name! ;)

    Have a great day!!

  3. My middle name is Nichole!! :)

    I love the name Naomi. It's Biblical, but still slightly unusual. But still cool!

    Love picking out names!

  4. I'm partial to Naomi (my little girl's name!), but I also really like Olivia.... We're thinking of Timothy & Titus as possibilities, but not sure about middle names yet. And I love the family connection too (even if it's old-fashioned)!


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