Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trying Something New

As part of our celebration for this Independence Day, our church did a big picnic, with carnival games and activities. It was so much fun. I was listening to them announce they were hoping to get a woman to join the watermelon eating contest Jon was already a part of. The thought ran through my head- sounds like fun, but I would be so embarrassed! I would make a mess and no way could I compete against the men! But as the time drew near I realized I really wanted to try. It was something new to me, and I could compete against Jon- the only one in my mind I really wanted to beat. So I just did it! I shed the fear of embarrassment, of getting too messy and just my general self-consciousness and decided I wanted to live life and have fun no matter what that means, even if it's a mess all over my face in front of people!
I usually prefer to go the safer route. Do whats familiar and avoid trying new things. In our time here on Guam though, I really feel like I am beginning to overcome that crutch that once held me back. I feel so much more alive here somehow. I want to get out and go snorkeling (which I have done), I want to take scuba diving lessons (which we still hope to do), as well as windsurfing lessons (again, its on my list!) and Jon and I hope to go para sailing before the end of the year. Growing up though I never had these desires. They looked good from far away but fear of the unknown held me back.
I think there is just something about being on a tropical island and having all these new things to do and try right within my grasp that is making me want to shout "YES!" Instead of sitting back while Jon has all the fun! I am learning so much here, about God, and about myself! No wonder I am happy about extending and having just a little more time to experience this adventurous chapter of our life.
It's also about wanting Natalie & Zachary to be brave and daring and willing to try new things. I don't want them to feel scared of life as they grow. I want them to grow to love God and love the life He has given them. I want them to experience life and not hold back. Dive in head first with all their hearts! And that I believe will make their lives unforgettable and 'unregrettable'!

*Note to self: Eating contests are much harder then they look! But if you are going head first into one, watermelon eating is a good first timers contest!


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