Saturday, July 10, 2010

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I will explain...Last month my sister who I am very close too announced she is getting married in November. Unfortunately it costs a small fortune to travel anywhere outside of Micronesia from here! Especially when I would need at least 2 tickets because the kids would have to accompany me. So with that I had finally come to terms that I wasn't going to be able to go, when my mom decided to help with the cost of the tickets so we could be there for my sister's special day! I am thrilled now that God has allowed this door to open, and even has made it possible for my husband to come with us for a 3 week trip (pending his leave approval- he definitely has the days available). We have yet to buy the tickets, but my mind has already wandered to what on earth we will wear while visiting!
As most of you know, we live on Guam, or in other words the island of year round summer. And we will be visiting Washington state in the middle and later half of November- when temperatures will be vastly different then our current wardrobe could handle. While there is no doubt I will need to borrow and buy some clothes for the kids to wear, Jon and I have some packed away. Only mine are from pre-Zachary. Though I magically shed the bulge after having my daughter 4 years ago- I was back in my normal jeans within a month- I was not quite as lucky after my 2nd baby. Zachary left his mark on me in the form of an unsightly tire around my waist I have unaffectionately named 'the blob'. I don't mind the extra weight so much as I can't stand this blob that hangs out of my jeans or pants if they are even minimally snug. So 'if only my old jeans would fit, I could save a little on what to buy for the trip, and boost my self-image in the process. So I need to crack down and get into a regular and challenging exercise routine, as well as, *gulp* give the sweets a rest! If you know me, the latter will be a huge challenge for my self control! I love to indulge in sweets!
Any tips or suggestions for losing the ring around my belly would be very appreciated! I have always been naturally slim, though not sticks like my sisters, so I have never faced this type of challenge before. Though I realize, especially after having two 9+ pound babies my hips will keep me from being completely down to the pre-baby me, but if I could just get rid of my 'mummy tummy' I would be thrilled!

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  1. Is it too hot to jog? Running can really be addictive and fun if you get into it. I love to jog (just got back from one) and it gives me a ton of energy for the rest of the day. I listen to the Bible on our iPod for half the run and then turn on Collective Soul for the jog back. I love to see the sun rise and look at the houses around our neighborhood and experience the quiet of morning (behind my dramatic Bible and rock music) : ) I hope you have tons of fun at your sister's wedding!

  2. It is quite warm to jog, and quite wet now that we have entered the rainy season (last half of the year- the humidity is insane!)
    I have never been much of a runner since we were forced to constantly in high school! Of course I have never been very good at exercizing in general. And I am not an early enough riser to do it before hubby leaves for work! I am a night owl!
    Currently my routine is onn the Wii, I use the Active 'game'. It actually really gets me in a sweat. I do about 20-30 minutes every couple of days, though I have slacked off recently. I am hoping to increase my time during the day and number of days I do it. I also am working right now on the 'diet' portion which is the really difficult part for me! I love fatty, sugary foods!
    Thanks for the input though! Much appreciated!

  3. nice to hear about your sister...
    best wishes.

  4. WOW...Guam, huh?! Just the thought of exercising in the heat would exhaust me. However, it was Weight Watchers that helped me shed my weight. Not sure if you have that accessible to you. That's my best I can give since that's the only thing that helped me. Good luck!!!

    Happy SWS!!

  5. Mummy tummy? hahaha I have that too. I am naturally slim as well, or I used to be anyway. When you only need to lose 5 pounds it's not much of an incentive to do something about it. But now that I needed to lose 15-20, it was time to get up and do something. So my husband and I have been doing the low-carb thing. This pretty much cuts out flour, rice, pasta and sweets (unless you make them with splenda or pay the big bucks for the atkins boxed ones- which are VERY tasty). It's been tough, but I hate exercising and have still managed to lose 6 pounds in the past 1.5 weeks! We've been following a very loose Atkins diet- basically keeping our net carbs down to 22g or less per day. You can subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol to get your net carb count. Breyers makes a yummy ice cream bar that is only 5g of net carbs so we still get our treats. We will be adding exercise to our regime soon and then upping our carbs just a little bit. I didn't realize until now just how much I snack! Especially cereal at night and cookies during the day. Yikes!

    Hooray that you get to go to your sister's wedding in November! Woot woot! That is such a blessing! Is she by chance close to your own size? Maybe you can borrow some clothes or even hit the thrift stores when you're there. Or even find a good deal at that Ross in Guam?

  6. First of all I can't claim the 'Mummy Tummy' as my own term. In fact I just ordered a book entitled "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" that has been sitting in my Amazon 'Save for Later' calling out to me for a few months now. That is where I got the term from!
    As for my sister's size, I have 3 younger sisters, none of them have kids yet, in fact at the moment I am the only one even married though not for long. And I believe all 3 of them are still reveling in the metabolism that comes with youth and doesn't leave until our hips have spread pushing out that first baby. They are actually skinnier then I have ever been- we are talking sizes like 0 & 2 in juniors!! I never made it below a 5 even in high school! I am taller too, so that doesn't help!
    Thanks for the suggestions though.
    For now I am attempting a low-fat diet. With only complex carbs like whole wheats. I didn't realize how much I snacked until today either, as I sat around munching half heartedly on almonds!


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