Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: A List of Lists!

I LOVE to make lists! I think I drive Jon crazy leaving my lists lying around everywhere, but I just enjoy making lists! I like paperwork too, which he also thinks is very odd! I think the two are connected just in that I love to write everything down, even if it is on some tedious form!
The Top Ten things I make lists for are...
1. Grocery list- okay this one should be obvious right? Everyone makes grocery list, well almost. But me, I make them and then inevitably leave them lying on the kitchen table as I head out to the store! I can never remember to grab it even if I just finished making it!!
2. Baby Name lists- I am ALWAYS working on an endless baby name list as my tastes change and I try to convince Jon to like a name I love but he can't stand!! We struggled forever to come up with Natalie's name, and Zachary's was Jon eventually giving in to my constant throwing of names around that he didn't like! (Maybe next week I will share my top ten current baby names!)
3. Birthday Party Theme lists- I often list out the different themes I would love to do for one of the kid's birthdays and then continue to list my ideas within each particular theme- from unbirthday tea parties to a luau at the beach, from cakes shaped like castles to using my lamps as giant sunflowers with streamers and construction paper!
4. Books Lists- I LOVE books! I am always looking for a new novel to be sucked into or one to glean new skills from. (And don't tell anyone, but I miss the textbooks in school and being assigned reading! SHHH!!)
5. New Recipes- I am not a fan of cooking, baking I love, but cooking not so much. I do however love finding a new simple and quick recipe that my family loves. I will sit down once in a while with a stack of my cookbooks and Rachael Ray magazines and just shift through them looking for something yummy to try, noting of course where each recipe is hiding so I can find it again!
6. Christmas Present lists- I make mine exceptionally early, but mostly I like to make lists of possible gifts to get for my family and friends! I am a gift giver. For those who have read "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, my love language is gift giving. So natually, that is how I prefer to show love as well, and I start buying Christmas presents early!
7. Things To Do lists- I make these so often and then lose them! I am a planner though, so I like to write out lists of the things I need to do so I won't forget.
8. Goal lists- I try to set goals for myself often to become a better mom, wife, and godly woman. I write out my list of goals I want to acheive to help keep me on track.
9. Wish lists- Another 'obsession' of mine recently has been Pampered Chef. I really like their products even though I only enjoy the baking part. I think part of it is wishing that new kitchen gadgets and cookware will make me want to get into the kitchen to cook more often. Whenever I have a party coming up, I start making out my wishlist of what I hope to get with my hostess discounts, though I won't know for certain until after the party when I get the totals!
10. Blog Lists- I am going to have to get a notebook just for my lists of posts I want to write. I get inspired by things all around me all the time! Just last night I had a great idea for a post, but I was in the car by myself with nothing to jot it down on, so I can't remember it for the life of me now! Anyway, I am trying to get better about writing those down into a list so I can work my way through them!
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  1. List of Lists! What a great idea. Could it get any better? Obviously I too am a list person. Oh and by the way love the girl name you came up with ;) Okay that's my name so I am a little partial.

  2. I love lists, too. It's an addiction. :)

  3. I'm a list maniac, too! And I love crossing things off to-do lists (which I should actually make more frequently).

  4. I also love lists. Do NOT miss textbooks, but do miss reading awesome lit.

  5. Oh my gosh I have one of all of these lists!!! We are so similar in this! I love it!


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