Thursday, July 8, 2010

Embarressment in Overdrive

I don't think I ever disliked any of my teachers in elementary school, well at least through the 5th grade. And 3rd grade was no different, Ms. B was an awesome teacher. This year I remember reading lots of books in class, sitting around her on our brightly colored carpet. I always thought she was so pretty and I wished I could be as pretty as she was.
The biggest moment though I will always remember from this year was one of my first truly embarrassing experiences. I am sure I occasionally suffered from embarrassment earlier in life then 3rd grade, but I believe this marked the beginning of me becoming the self conscious person I am today. It may seem minor now, but I was so mortified at the time. As class let out one day, Ms. B had us all get our stuff from our lock less lockers out in the hall. I quickly threw my back pack on and went to give my wonderful teacher the routine hug goodbye, especially on a Friday when it would mean an extended absence from school, my teacher and my friends. Not that I didn't love being at home with my family, but I liked school with my friends even more. As I reached up to wrap my short arms around her neck, I instinctively went to give her a kiss, just as I would to my grandma or mom, and said "I love you mom!" Instantly I realized my slip, in both the kiss goodbye and the words I had just said to her. I could feel the rush of blood to my cheeks as I turned as red as a tomato. Then the tears began to well up in my eyes, my big, blue, sad eyes. And all of the sudden, I could not possibly get to the bus quick enough. I wanted to run and get as far away from my embarrassment as possible. I never wanted to show my face in her class again!
I don't even remember anything happening during that weekend, I was too embarrassed and I couldn't even tell anyone. I wasn't close to my sisters, and I didn't want to tell my mom or grandma because I thought I would get in trouble or it would hurt their feelings somehow. I could think of nothing else. And as it seems to usually happen when a moment is approaching that you are dreading, time passed insanely fast, and it was Monday morning again. I had to face the one person who had witnessed the most embarrassing moment of my young life. I went into class, pretending everything was normal, and much to my surprise it was! Ms. B didn't say anything to me, or treat me any differently then the kind way she always had. This moment I had been dreading and getting sick just thinking about was over and didn't mean a thing!
Of course though I remember it as my first mortifying experience, it certainly was not, and would not be my last by far. Little did I know I would have many more, even some much more public, embarrassing moments. If I had, I never would've stressed over a little slip of the tongue.

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  1. I could worry about stuff like this too. I came out of the bathroom one day with my skirt tucked in my underwear and the whole class was laughing and i didn't know why until someone pulled it down for me. Ahhh!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your 8th grade teacher.

  2. Oh how sweet! I remember I used to get embarrassed about silly things & my face would get bright red!! Then I used to get worried that something would embarrass me because then my face would get red. I hated when I would blush like that. I still hate it! It still happens sometimes when I'm doing something really intense or when I have to speak in front of a big group of people.

  3. It is so funny what was important to us in third grade! I definitely wouldn't want to go back! Thanks for sharing your memory!

  4. I remember kids doing that throughout elementary school. I may have even been one of them at one point or another. Those moments always seem to stick with us though don't they?

  5. This is too funny. And to worry about it all poor thing!

    I work in a bank currently and one teller told a customer (as he was leaving), "Love you." She turned about 18 shades of red and now every time he comes into the bank to cash his check, he teases her about it and tells her that he loves her too. :)


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