Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doorway to a New World

I remember during 2nd grade, I always looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays; our library days. Our whole class would go to the large room with books pouring out of every nook and cranny. Before we could begin our hunt for that unsuspecting book to call our own- at least for the week- the librarian would sit us all down and share one of her favorites. I loved listening to her as she would elaborate with enthusiasm and change her voice to fit each particular character. Then as she released us to our exciting surroundings I always wound up at one particular shelf in front of the window, in search of that thin red spine I had grown to hold very dear.
"When The Sun Rose" by Barbara Helen Berger, the book that carried me off to dreamland countless nights. My dreams would be filled with the most vibrant colors from the rainbow those nights, as I imagined I too had a friend who would come to visit me each sunrise then hurry off at sunset, leaving behind a trail of yellow roses when she went. I wanted a big, furry, gentle pet lion and a carriage in the shape of a giant sunset golden rose. I wished to spend my days just as the little girl and her doll did in the book, in a cozy playhouse with a white picket fence, painting pictures with radiant colors and sipping a sweet tea with honey cakes.
Sadly the week of my vividly colorful dreams would come to an end as our next trip to the library came. I would reluctantly hand in my written treasure, my doorway to that beautiful world. But I always knew I would find it again, on another trip, another hunt in the library, and until then there were other worlds waiting to be explored as well!
I often thought of this book in my adult years. I could remember very vividly the story as well as the beautiful illustrations, but what slipped my mind was the title. When I finally rediscovered this book, it was like finding an old friend again. It was on ebay, and from what I could tell- no longer in print. But I did managed to catch one for my very own, so now I can share that world with my own daughter!

This is the 4th in a 15 week series I am doing to record my youth with other woman. Check it out at


  1. Such a sweet story. A treasure you're passing on of the book and the love of reading. May God bless your sweet family.Thanks for stopping by.

  2. How wonderful that you found it! So many geographical locations change, but the story of a book remains the same. There's such comfort in finding things that are just the same as you remember them.

    I love your dreamer personality. No wonder you love Disney and B-day parties so much!

  3. I have some strong memories of books I had as a child. Thankfully I have one sitting right on my shelf. I remember spending hours reading the stories in it.

  4. That is a GREAT memory! So sweet that you could find your book and share it with your daughter!

  5. i have books like that .. its' so nice you remember.. not sure if boys do this.. but i try to share these things with my son.. in hopes he will read them to his son.. as a father...


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