Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And The Tables Have Turned!

We have been explaining to our daughter recently about not interrupting others when they are speaking. Primarily when my husband and I are talking between the two of us, something she tends to do most often in the car.

Well today after church, as Jon and I worked on making lunch in the kitchen, Natalie starts telling me about a friend's new shoes (wow, it begins this early huh?!). Jon then interceded because he actually noticed the shoes of this particular friend as well, and he was trying to better explain what they looked like as my 4-year-old's description left a lot lacking. Next thing I know Natalie is very politely noting to Jon that she was talking to mommy and he interrupted her.

So Jon apologized and Natalie says, "That's alright Daddy. Just be sure not to do it again, okay?" in the exact same tone Jon uses with her when she interrupts us!! It was so cute and funny! I couldn't help but burst with laughter at hearing her say this!!

So our children do actually listen to us sometimes, huh? I just wish that she would apply it herself more often, instead of only remembering it when it comes her own chance to correct us!

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  1. That is so cute and I know what you mean because the same thing has happened with my son with other things. For example if I might have passed gas (crude, I know, but you know how it is when you have absolutely no privacy with little ones) he will tell me "Say Escuse me mama."

  2. Oh... the interrupting thing... we know that one well. He is just the same. : )


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