Saturday, August 14, 2010

Six Word Saturday


This has been the pattern recently, IF I am lucky. Jon thought Thursday he would end up working this weekend, so I prepare myself mentally for no family time or help with the kids. :( Than he finds out Friday he WILL have the weekend off, YIPEE! I start to plan things I would like to do, try to see if anyone wants to get together. :) Within an hour though something new comes up and when he gets home (or I go pick him up), he breaks the bad news that he will be working for a little while part of the weekend! :/ I am very grateful he will at least be home for the majority of the weekend, though he was really upset that his only day to sleep in (Saturday, because Sunday we have church), he has to get up early to run in to work until about lunch time. Poor guy! I feel more frustrated and bad for him though, he had an awful and long work week- 18 hours Wednesday, 24 hours Thursday for duty, which continued into 13 hours for Friday before he finally got to come home! He is such a good husband, father and provider though and he works very hard to take care of his family! What a wonderful blessing he is to me!!

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  1. Sorry to hear that Jon has to work so hard and for so long. Must be rough on you and the kids. We will pray for you. I guess the only good thing is that he isn't deployed and gone for good for a long period.


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