Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Than You Probably Ever Wanted To Know...

...about ME!

Wow! I made it to my 100th post! How to celebrate? How about 100 things about me, some you may know, some you may not...

1. I am the oldest of 4 girls raised by my mother.

2. I have 2 older brothers though they were not my mom's nor did I grow up with them.

3. I love remembering, even if they aren't always happy memories. We learn from our past, it shaped who we are now, and what God will do with our futures...NO regrets!

4. Though I would never encourage it for another, my husband and I met and married in less then a year at a very young age. But hey, 7 years later, still happy, worked for us!

5. My husband says I have sense of humor cancer, to which my regular reply is "Yep, I have 6 months to be funny." Yet those 6 months have indeed come and gone (at least according to my dear husband).

6. On that note, I long for the sense of humor of Lorelei Gilmore from the show Gilmore Girls. She is so witty!

7. Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite shows of all time! I want to steal Lorelei's sense of style as well as her humor!!

8. I am watching one of my Gilmore Girls DVDs as I write this. I own every season on DVD, as well as my other 2 favorite shows, Smallville and Monk.

9. I have wanted to be an architect, a lawyer, a counselor, a singer, a teacher, and most of all a mother, since I was young.

10. I have had 2 miscarriages, one just a few months before each pregnancy that stuck.

11. While I am anxious for a 3rd child, I am fearful of losing another baby first. (Refer to #10)

12. I actually look back and miss childbirth!! Yes I had an epidural, and that made me more able to appreciate and enjoy the moments.

13. I did not breastfeed, though I would've loved too if not for my snacker and over-eater.

14. My favorite ice cream is Breyers Rocky Road...not just any rocky road, I like this one because the marshmallow is swirled in and the almonds are covered in chocolate for a nice little bite!

15. Christmas is my favorite season. It just makes me feel warm inside!

16. Considering #15, I do not like celebrating Christmas on a tropical island. When I feel warm inside, I prefer it to be cold on the outside!

17. I think about and buy Christmas gifts ALL year long!

18. Have you ever heard of Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages? My 'language' is gifts. I love to give them and show my love that way, and getting them is pretty nice too!

19. Pine Trees verses Palm vote goes to the Pine Trees!!

20. My favorite season is fall, I love all the bright vibrant colors and even the gray rainy days.

21. My favorite colors are blue and purple.

22. Absolute best food for a rainy day- grilled cheese and tomato soup! It just tastes cozy and comfy!

23. Despite what you may think, I actually have the 2 most smoochable, most adorable kids on the planet!!

24. I obsess over baby names and finding patterns within my own children's...for example I couldn't imagine not naming our next child something without a long Ee sound at the end of it, like Natalie and Zachary. Also has to have 3 syllables. (Though my current list does not reflect these.)

25. I love my Kitchenaide mixer! But I am not so crazy about the rest of the Kitchenaide products.

26. A baby is a precious and treasured life from the moment of conception and abortion is murder. Period.

27. Luckily for all sins, even murder, God forgives and offers us a chance to become new in Him.

28. I do not like Obama or anything he is doing in office, but I respect that he is our president. Just as I wish more people had respected Bush was our elected president regardless of his mistakes. No one is perfect, even presidents make mistakes, U.S. history is full of them!

29. I am very opinionated...can you tell?

30. I love history! My ideal vacation would be full of visiting historical places all over the globe.

31. One of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice.

32. Another of my favorites is Jane Eyre.

33. My favorite book in the Bible is a toss up between Esther and Ruth.

34. I can listen to a CD for months before I move on to something else- a fact which drives my hubby bonkers!!

35. When I was in junior high I had a full wall of my room plastered with Leonardo DiCaprio posters. I even named my puppy Leo. I was sure I would marry him.

36. Or on a more realistic note, if I didn't marry the Titanic star, the only other man I could possibly ever marry was a boy 2 years older then me. He was my first 'love' and my heart was his if he only asked for it from the time I was 12 until I was about 17 (though he never did).

37. I NEVER had a fear of commitment, that's for sure!!

38. I saw Titanic 7 times in theaters. The most I have ever seen any one movie in theaters.

39. I love going to the movies! Drama, action, adventure, Disney, pretty much everything but horror and some of the more disturbing types of comedies that are so popular at the moment.

40. I sometimes wish I could have been born in the Victorian age. Though I realize the versions of it I love are all romanticized and I probably wouldn't have been to keen on the trials of the time.

41. My favorite day of the week is Sunday. My husband is usually home with me and we get to go worship a magnificent God among wonderful friends. And its usually the one day a week I actually get a nap in!

42. I consider home, just the presence of my children and my husband, all of us together as one, no matter where we may go.

43. Still, I long for a big house to do whatever I want with! Paint the walls bright colors, grow a garden inside my white picket fence, knock down walls to make an extra large family room to dance around in!

44. One of my favorite pastimes is to put on some tunes and belt them out!

45. My heart melts when Zachary claps after I finish singing a song!

46. Snuggling is the best cold weather activity!

47. I LOVE blankets!! Soft, cozy, heavy and comfy to curl up under. Big, long and wide over backs of chairs and tables for a fort. Small and light, perfect for a game of peek-a-boo.

48. I collect Disney movies. Sometimes its even just compulsive, "What if someday Natalie likes this movie? I must have it just in case!"

49. Though I love my adorable kiddos, I wish I could have a girl with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. I don't know why, but this blond-haired, blue-eyed girl whats something different!

50. I hate coffee, but I wish I loved it.

HALFWAY!! I applaud you for making it this far!! You should win an award!

51. I enjoy a warm cup of tea, though I feel like I am doing it an injustice if I must dilute it with milk.

52. I enjoy playing Wii Resort sword fighting! And I actually beat my husband and his friend in that at a certain level they were stuck on, I flew through easily!!

53. When I went with a friend once to a lock-in at a bowling alley, I bowled almost non-stop the entire night (while others played pool and just hung out). My wrist was killing me the next few days!!

54. In 5th grade I head-banged with a friend for a full hour. Then went home and threw up. I have not head-banged since.

55. I am not afraid to use cookies to bribe my kids occasionally!

56. We potty trained Natalie by giving her 1 M&M for going number 1, then 2 M&Ms for going number 2. Hope it will work the second time around with Zachary!

57. More then any other experience as a parent, I hated and dread potty training!! Give me the sleepless night, even the colicky baby, but please let me send my kids away to learn how to use the potty and don't return them until they are 100% accident free!!

58. A dream of mine used to be to open a Bed & Breakfast in the Pacific Northwest.

59. But as of late, I am torn between that and going back to school to be a social worker or a school counselor.

60. I loved my high school counselor! I felt totally inspired by her and she treated me like a valued human being, not some ridiculous high school student went I felt pretty unimportant in life.

61. I enjoy baking and decorating cakes.

62. I have fun planning and decorating for children's birthday parties in creative ways.

63. I feel creative when I make the wall art for my child's room according to whatever 'theme' we are using. Natalie's is currently ladybugs and Zachary's will be monkeys by his next birthday.
64. I am beginning to think I am a *little* OCD.

65. I would totally sacrifice style for comfort when it come to clothing...much to my husband's disappointment.

66. I am a lazy slob at heart. And my husband is the neat freak.

67. I still sing into my hairbrush on a regular basis.

68. I love making fun of ridiculous commercials with my husband. We could laugh for hours about one pointless commercial.

69. I collect kitchen gadgets, though I realize many are unnecessary.

70. If we have a big enough house someday, I want a room dedicated to books! Bookshelves lining the walls!

71. When I was little I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty- how awesome to just fall asleep and wake up to a dashing prince rescuing you though all the while you are unaware you even need rescuing!!

72. I miss my long hair! I have very thick hair though and I get terrible migraines, the long thick hair weighing on my head did NOT help!

73. I am the whitest girl ever! I often got called 'Casper' growing up. And that is why I don't wear shorts (my legs are my whitest feature)!!

74. I can play connect the dots with all the freckles I have!

75. Clue was my favorite game growing up, now its Apples to Apples.

76. My argument for having a 3rd child (which my husband was at first against) was that when he is deployed I still want at least 4 of us at home so we can play most of my board games!

77. I also really want to have at least one child where I grew up, so that my mom can be around to really experience being a grandma up close and personally, instead of just pictures online and an occasional visit. She didn't even meet her grandson until after his first birthday! That makes me sad!

78. I have a dog named Diamond who is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! She would be an awful guard dog (and not just because she is a Pomeranian). Oh and she is living with my mom while we are in Guam.

79. Someday I want a chocolate lab named Digger, a black lab named Ebony (or Onyx if its a boy), and a hound dog named Bayard (yes, like in Alice in Wonderland).

80. My husband would prefer just ONE bigger family dog. NO cats!

81. I used to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, every single day after school for most of junior and senior high school!

82. I now can't stand the boxed kind, though my daughter loves it! (Like mother, like daughter!)

83. If we own any movie and a sequel comes out, like it or not, I have to have it! (Like I said, maybe I am just a *little* but OCD!)

84. I would love to home school my children, but I know I don't have the patience for it.

85. My kitchen is sunflowers and chili peppers!

86. I try not to miss church very often, but when I am debating about going for whatever reason and decide to attend, I have never regretted it!!

87. I use Crest Pro-Health products.

88. I have had one root canal, and my advice to everyone is that flossing is more important then you think! No one ever told me that when I was growing up, it was something I watched my mom do and never got the hang of it myself until they invented those nifty flossers with flosser heads! Root canals are NOT fun!

89. I actually have never dreaded doctor's appointments, dentists on the other hand make me queasy! (I guess if you read #88, you know why!)

90. I often sit back and marvel at how awesomely God has blessed my family! He is such a magnificent God!!

91. I think breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but the easiest and most fun to make!

92. If you can't already tell, I am a kid at heart!

93. I am a pack-rat, I hate throwing stuff away, but moving so much and living in small apartments with no storage, I have had to learn to let go.

94. I think socks are meant o be fun and colorful with funky designs, but most are boring and white :(

95. Iced Tea from The Cracker Barrel is the best drink ever!

96. The first thing I want to do when I get back to the states is go to an Arby's for a Beef'n'Cheddar smothered in Arby's sauce!

97. After Arby's, I am so anxious to go on a ferry ride to Seattle and walk along the waterfront up to Pike's Place Market. So many wonderful memories of dates with my husband up there! We even occasionally would walk all the way up to the Space Needle!

98. My first job was at a thrift store at the age of 16 and I worked there for about 4 years. I now can't stand them and I really don't care for second hand stuff either anymore.

99. I can't stand bracelets or wristwatches. I just don't like having anything on my wrists. Necklaces and earrings though I love!

100. I prefer New American Standard and New King James Versions of the Bible.

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  1. These are so great!! I relate to so many of them!! OMG the Leo posters!! I had a Titanic poster on my ceiling. - and I have Clue on my iphone!! I still love that game!!

    Those are just 2 of several that I was like, "wow me too!!"


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