Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends Forever

A song I learned as a girl in brownies. I could sing this over and over with all my closest friends as we made wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

A circle is round,

It has no end,

Thats how long I want to be YOUR friend!

And now as an adult, I am still amazed when God blesses me with new friends. You never lose your true friends, they will always remain in your thoughts and heart. Even when they must travel on, start a new adventure somewhere else. Meet new people and make new friends. But the old ones will always be treasured.

It isn't easy leaving your friends. I should know, we have had to pick up and move twice as God through the Navy directs our path. But today I am sad because of friends who will be leaving us bright and early on their last morning in this tropical paradise. All through the ups and downs they were there for me and I hope I was always there for them, I tried to be. And their friendship is as gold to me. They will forever be in my heart, whether we meet again on this earth, or one day in our eternal heavenly home.

I will always praise God for giving me the gift of their friendship, and all the wonderful friends we have made and will make during our time spent here on Guam!

Remember another song, this one I learned at church, by Michael W. Smith...

Friends are friends forever,

If the Lord's the Lord of them.

And a friend will not say never,

'Cause the welcome will not end.

Though it's hard to let you go,

In the Father's hands we know,

That a lifetime's not to long,

To live as friends.

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