Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Farewell Cable TV!

Today is our last day of cable TV. We have decided to save money and reorganize our priorities. But there are a few good shows I will miss watching each week...

1. The Great Food Truck Race This is a new competition on the Food Network, they are on their 3rd episode and half way through the race. We actually had to shut off the TV quickly before they showed the 'next week' trailer, so I didn't know what I was missing!!

2. White Collar On the opposite end, this show is on its 2nd to the last episode of the season and totally has me hooked based on the trailer. Good news is most USA shows are available to watch on hulu.com, but usually I don't get around to watching them online, so it'll be there for me, but I will probably not take that extra time to look it up! I will miss the witty humor between Neal and Peter though.

3. Psych I love to laugh, and this show, as goofy as it can be, totally makes me bust up! But it also adds that crime solving element with the humor which was what drew me into Monk. Its just that right balance! So good! This one Jon and I have talked about buying the DVD seasons for sometime. Right now though we are still hoping to finish our Monk collection!

4. House I love the mystery, what illness is it, what is House going to do next? It's so unpredictable, you just never know! Though at first it did take a while to get past the 'inside' views of whatever is wrong with the patient, its not too graphic or anything, but those with sensitive stomachs, be warned!

5. Chopped I love seeing the crazy baskets of ingredients and seeing what each chef will come up with! It totally makes me want to get creative and make something no one else would think of! Of course I am not by any means trained in the kitchen, so mine wouldn't be very yummy since it would be a very uneducated guess at what flavors go best!

6. Food Network Challenge I am always amazed at what the pastry chefs can turn a cake into! And its because of shows like that, that made me want to learn at least a little about decorating cakes!

7. Smallville This one I won't miss too terribly much, since I am not actually watching it regularly, but rather buying the seasons once they come to DVD anyway. But only because I still haven't figured out which channel the CW is here on Guam!! Plus its in it last season anyway from what I heard.

8. Rachael Ray Show She was the very first Food Network star we loved to watch on 30 Minute Meals, and it was so great when she got her own show! She just seems so sweet and down to earth! And I watched her talk show since it started, the first and only talk show I ever watched. Though now I get most of my fixes from her magazine since I can't figure out when or which channel this show is on either! I guess that fact won't matter much tomorrow!

9. Iron Chef America Between the Next Iron Chef America and the actual show, I have grown to see food in such a different light. Just as with Chopped, this show makes me want to experiment with different foods, and I have learned a little about what should pair well together, and what may be a bad idea!

10. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit For a while I wanted to be a lawyer or even a detective. Solving crimes and helping the victims get justice is just so appealing to me. And the mystery involved in trying to solve the crime and catch the bad guy, like a game or puzzle- though in real life I realize it wouldn't be so cut and dry!

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  1. That would definitely be a great way to save money! I can't do it! I would miss House a lot! And my other like 20 shows. haha it's ridiculous.

  2. I love L&O:SVU!!! I have Netflix so I can watch all the episodes from the beginning of the series. :) It's a lifesaver. Mariska Hargitay is one of my favorite people!

  3. I have never had satellite/cable (at least not the ten years that I've been married). I like it that way. Some of those shows you should still be able to watch without cable right?

  4. The USA shows we will, on either Hulu or USA online. But Food Network stuff, my favs, we won't. Its okay though, we didn't have it before we moved here because we really couldn't afford it, though we had like the basics for $10 which was TNT, TBS and news channels then, this time NOTHING! It'll be a good thing though!

  5. That is a brave move, but certainly a money-saver! I love a good mystery show too, I'd tell you which ones I'm enjoying right now except that wouldn't do you much good so I'll keep that to myself. At least Hulu will give you a tv fix when you want one. You can do it!

  6. Why is it we all like Iron Chef. I love that show but can't quite figure out why!

    I haven't watched tv since arriving back in the States July 1st. How did I ever have the time to watch it before?

  7. I'm impressed -- I know so many people who claim they are "broke" or have to find ways to make MORE money but they have high-speed internet, cable TV and the whole 9-yards that they won't sacrifice.

  8. I don't have cable so I don't know most of these shows, but living without cable is not that bad; I promise. There is always Hulu is you really need to see something :)


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