Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Drifting Off to Dreamland

Does anyone else ever have trouble getting to sleep some nights?

After a long day of chasing the kids, dealing with multiple meltdowns, making 3 meals for 3 picky eaters (I am just as particular as my children!), trying to read and do my own bible study regularly, and brainstorming for blog ideas, I often find at the end of the day my mind is buzzing at a million miles per hour and I am unable to shut down for some much needed rest.

So after lying in bed for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, I must find something to help me ease into a deep sleep, before I lose to much precious time as I know my early risers will be up at the crack of dawn ready to begin the day- even if mommy is barely able to drag herself out of bed!

1. The first thing I go for is my favorite Sleepy time Tea. Chamomile is also a nice soothing tea, but I personally enjoy a nice warm mug full of my Sleepy time blend tea which is chamomile plus spearmint, and I sweeten it with a bit of Splenda and honey. YUMMY! I actually drink this throughout the day as well, it helps me de-stress a little when the kids are driving me up the wall!

2. Read a book. For me it can't be something on the computer, or a magazine, it must be a good fiction book that I can curl up under the covers and read a few pages of until my eyelids quickly begin to droop. Though it can be a tough balancing act, if I am too far into a book, or just get easily caught up in the story- this can backfire bad on me! I have stayed up until 2 or 3 am on more then one occasion, as I literally can NOT put it down! And if it is a how to book, or a bible study book, I have to pay too close attention too, then I also have a hard time dozing off to it!

3. Drift off to dream land listening to some soothing, uplifting music. I love worship music. It reminds me to be thankful to an almighty, wonderful Savior, and it brings me immense peace. I just pop my ear buds on and set my iPod on my nightstand and close my eyes, before I know it I am out (and I usually find my iPod somewhere on the floor in the morning).

4. I pray. What better way to unload from my hectic, crazy day, then to talk to my Awesome Heavenly Father! He is always there to listen and lift any burdens I may have.

5. I write notes. One reason my mind may be going, going, going, is because this is sometimes the time I find the most inspiration. Its like all through the day I sought ideas for dinner, for crafting, for blogging, for baking, for party plans and a whole long list of other things I must use my creative juices for, and I can't seem to get my thoughts together. But as soon as my head hits that pillow, and bam, the light bulb in my head is light up, so bright in fact it's impossible to sleep through!! So I try to always keep a notebook or pad and pen on my nightstand, so I can write down any thoughts I know I need to get out so I don't forget by the morning hours!

6. I eat. Sometimes I am not good about actually eating dinner. After spending an hour or so in the kitchen prepping and cooking a meal, I honestly have no appetite when the finished product rolls out of my kitchen. Some nights I literally have to force myself to eat, or I wait until everyone else is done and then I sit down to eat a little. But if it is one of those nights I don't, then by bed I have to find something to fill my belly or sleeping becomes very difficult.

7. I talk. I talk to Jon or just talk through my thoughts out loud if he isn't home or awake. If you know me, you know how much I like to talk! It just helps me get everything bouncing around in my head out so my mind can rest.

8. I watch TV or a movie. Even if it is a new one I haven't seen, sometimes all it takes is laying down with the TV on and I fall right to sleep, and not always when I want too! I think part of it is from my childhood, I remember falling asleep with the door open and hearing the TV on in the living room as my grandma and mom stayed up watching it. It was comforting to me not to worry because I knew they were awake and watching over me, and since I could hear the TV, all other noises were drowned out, like the creaks and squeaks of our home 'settling', or whatever it was!!

9. Count sheep! Yes sometime this old-time advice actually works! It can be anything really, just count, and count, and count until you can't count anymore!

10. When nothing else works, I take a Tylenol PM. This is my absolute LAST resort, because I never feel as rested in the morning when I take one as I do otherwise. And I only take it if I have a full 8 hours to sleep. (And I am NOT saying anyone else should do it. So don't take any just because I do, ask your doctor if its okay first!)

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  1. I love Sleepytime tea too! When I go in for counting, I start at 1,000 and go backward. I almost never make it to 1. :)

  2. Oh, I laughed at that last one. I am with you on just about all of them. Reading and praying are too very helpful ones for me. I never thought about writing notes to unload mentally. Great idea! Oh and thanks for the tip about the leapfrog toy. I am definitely interested in checking that out!


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