Monday, August 23, 2010

Just To Be Crystal Clear

Just a little clarification, because I wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand what I was trying to say in my previous post about the mosque.

I am not supporting the mosque. I simply have found most of the reasons I have heard opposing it to be less then sound.

I don't believe that a strip club is more morally wrong then a center built for the purpose of worshipping what I believe to be a false god. For God, all sin is black and white, and unfortunately without Christ's blood, we can never be clean from sin- we are all blackened by it until you give your life to the one true God, Almighty.

Most importantly as a Christian, I don't endorse something so completely wrong biblically. Muslims do NOT worship the same God as Christianity (and I would say further, many people who claim to be Christians are actually worshipping a different god then I do). My God, is the one and only God of the Old and New Testament. He gave His Son, Jesus, to die for my sins on a cross. He is loving and merciful. His Word, the Holy Bible is the only holy word, not to be added to or taken away from. And His Holy Spirit dwells in the hearts of those who have believed in Him and welcomed Him into their heart and life. That is my God, the one and only true God in all eternity.

As I said before, I just find most of the reasoning I have heard opposing the mosque to be ignorant or just plain wrong. And legally we have no right to keep them from building it.

I also think that ultimately we gain nothing as Christians by being prejudiced to the Islamic community. They are no different then all the other lost souls we are called to be a light to for Jesus Christ. We need to pray for them all, Muslims, Atheists, Catholics, Mormons, and many others who have been decieved by Satan.

Again this is my opinion. Please respect it and I will respect yours. I ask anyone who wishes to leave a comment to be thoughtful when doing so or I will not approve your comment. Thank you.

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