Monday, August 30, 2010

Project 52: S'Mores Please!

Project 52: Date Nights logo

Since we missed quite a few weeks due to late work nights, we decided to do another one, now only 3 days after our last date night! And hopefully this weekend we will get out for another one even!

Jon was feeling to lazy to bother changing out of his uniform- though of course he took those awful boots that hurt his feet off!

So date night #3, and we had ourselves a little campfire fun! Jon used his charcoal starter to get a fire going on our patio (all cement so no worries), and we roasted s'mores! Yummy!


We just sat out on the patio in the dark eating our delicious treats and talked about mostly Food Network. How appropriate as we enjoyed our gooey treats!

It was a nice date night, reminding me of many other fun bon-fires with my grandma where we would roast some marshmallows into toasted goodness before adding the chocolate and graham cracker! Ah, childhood, how we miss you!


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this! What a fun simple way to enjoy time together. I love the food network too:)

  2. Glad you guys had some quality time. Wish we could have joined you for the s'mores!


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