Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ants in My Pants!

Ants in my pants, and crawling up my arms. They line up around my kitchen sink and parade across my dining room table in search of crumbs- they must know I have young kids! I find them in books and by the toilet seat. I even found them lazying about in a sauna once, only for me, that sauna was my chamomile tea! No peace from these little pests, not anywhere!! No matter how hard I clean, they come in their armies, marching in despite the causalities they continue to face. I must confess and ask for your forgiveness, because when I think about these tiny nuisances, a smile works its way across my face at the thought of squishing or stepping on them. I admit it, I enjoy ending their miniature lives almost as much as they seem to like driving me 'ant-y'!

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