Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Opera in the Clouds

Ah, the familiar sound of rain spilling from the sky! It has been a dry year so far, but I am excited to have those gray clouds coming back to visit again. I like to crank up the AC, snuggle up in sweats- the only pair I have- and sip from a steaming cup of chamomile tea sweetened with honey. I pop in a movie, something that brings back memories of home. Maybe even a Christmas movie, letting the warm fuzzy feeling of the season wash over me. Or something from my childhood, like Beauty and the Beast, the first movie I saw in theaters as a child.

Oh and the sound of rolling thunder. Not a memory from my home, we didn't get those very often, but from the first years of marriage with my dear husband. Thinking back to our first little apartment together, staring out the window into the dark, wet night, listening to the clouds roll in. Lightening spiking the sky with brightness for moments at a time. Curling up in bed with Jon under thick warm blankets and just listening to the storm as if it were an opera playing out somewhere high above us. Blocked by the clouds, we can only hear the remnants of the music as if we are behind the curtains, backstage.
I know right now, somewhere, someone is wishing this storm would pass. As for me, I will enjoy it as it grumbles on like a grumpy old man, and I will pray so that maybe our visitor will stay just a little while longer.

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