Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cartoons of my Childhood

Do you miss the cartoons from your childhood? Though many are now available on DVD, I wish more were, even the one hit wonders that still remain a part of my memory. I don't care for the new remakes very much, not after growing up with the original, there is just no comparison for me. I miss the days when I would get to watch a cartoon as I ate breakfast, and another when I came home from school and snacked on a pack of Care Bear themed fruit snacks. Those were my good old days, when who I was going to play with at recess or which show I would watch when my cartoons had conflicting times, were my biggest concerns!
I wish I could share them all with my own daughter now, and luckily some I can.
Here are some I wish I saw more of, the originals, not the computer generated generation...
1. Lady Lovely Locks- the girl with long beautiful hair and little pixie tails that lived inside her lovely locks!
2. Rose Petal Place- flowers come to life to care for other flowers, what a perfect girly theme!
3. My Little Pony- the originals in the prehistoric 2D that today is widely avoided.
4. Rainbow Brite- and all her colorful friends!
5. JEM- a rock star cartoon in her time! Definitively 80s!
6. The Gummi Bears- secret bears that can talk and when they drink a certain juice...BOUNCE!
7. Care Bears- again, the originals were the best before computer animation entered the scene and in my opinion as did the superficial story lines, what happened to the Care Bears who would just help kids when they were feeling sad or scared?
8. Scooby Doo- Who doesn't love a good mystery?!
9. The Smurfs- Little blue people with their own set of problems, besides being blue.
10. David the Gnome- A little dunce-capped doctor who goes around to help sick animals, who wouldn't love the 'Diagnosis Murder' for the preschool years?!
11. Strawberry Shortcake- Although I find the updates to this one more acceptable and traditional (at least the first & second round of the new looks), it just can't get any better then the original!

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

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