Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog vs Vlog- My Opinion

Take it for what it is worth but this is my opinion of blogging verses vlogging.

I have never vlogged so I can't speak from personal experience, but I have watched a few. There is nothing wrong that I can find with vlogging, and for some it is easier to talk about it (quicker I should guess and no need for spell check or much worry about written grammar!) then to write memories or opinions out into written words.
Personally though, there is nothing for me that can beat the thrill of expressing myself on paper, or screen in this case. I love spending the time to search for just the right word. Something that will paint vivid pictures in the minds of my readers, but leaving just enough to the imagination to stretch it out and leave the reader wondering just a bit. I feel so much more creative in my writing then my speech, put on the spot to give my thoughts, I often can't keep them all straight. Even in prayer, I prefer in my own quiet time to record my prayers in a journal as it prevents my mind from wandering when it should not be, like a kid in a shopping mall!
Other superficial reason I find blogging far superior (as my choice) to a vlog, is I can do it in my pajamas! Being a stay at home mom, with often no car during the day, I spend a good half of my waking hours in my pajamas, or 'house clothes' as I sometimes call them. Occasionally even the whole day will slip by me before I have found the time to actually throw on a pair of blue jeans to replace my very comfortable though less fashionable Eeyore pajama pants! And not to mention that I seldom take the time to wear the makeup which I most certainly feel inadequate without, despite Jon's constant musings to me of my beauty.
Well that pretty much sums up my stance on the matter. Of course it is a personal preference and everyone I have watched vlog, do it well, and obviously prefer it! To each his (or her!) own! Who knows, maybe one day I will try it and find it isn't as bad as I first thought!
What do you prefer, and why?

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