Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reaping Rewards from Parenting

Smiles radiating from joyful children as you enter the room after a long day at work, or even just a quick trip to check the mail.

Laughs and giggles bursting out of little mouths before your fingers have even found their tickle spots.

A random kiss and a sweet hug from a loving child as you stand in the kitchen washing the dishes.

Encouraging words from the little voice of your hopeful child pushing you forward in your endeavor.

Standing back to witness and watch as your children play and entertain each other, with joy and happiness lighting up their faces toward the other, despite any gaps in their ages.

An innocent request for you to close your eyes tight, as an eager child waits to unveil her newest masterpiece.

Helping hands enthusiastically handing you the new baby's burp cloth before the spew is spilled onto the floor.

Hurried feet rushing toward you, with tears streaming from big sad eyes, looking for that perfect fit of only your caring arms to comfort them in their times of pain and grief.

Eyes wide with curiosity as your child wonders for the 27th time why the sun is yellow, how the flowers grow or where it is that God lives.

Being reminded by a concerned child, as you lift your fork from the table, that your food remains unblessed by its Provider.

Cuddling up under the warm comforter as bedtime draws near, and listening to the sweet and simple prayer of your little one as she thanks the Lord for her family.

These are just a few of the rewards that parents may reap from their wonderful, smart, silly, and sweet children.

Happy Father's Day!

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