Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: I Love Books

I would have bookcases, from the floor to the ceiling, lining the walls of my home and flowing out the door even, if I had my way! I could drag my family to the bookstore where they would have to endure hours upon hours of me carousing the aisles, checking out everything from cookbooks, to romance novels, to text books, to daily devotionals. I love books and here are the Top Ten reasons why:

1. I can momentarily enter a completely different world from my own diapers and disaster world!
2. I learn new words and expand my vocabulary and my mind.
3. I get inspired to write myself!
4. I have something to chat about over coffee or tea with my friends...oh wait, what I meant was, to yell about over screaming children to my oblivious husband when he gets home from work!
5. I learn how people lived in different periods of history, my favorite periods of history are World War 2 and the Renaissance.
6. I can explore any number of worlds without ever leaving my couch, from the make believe that feel so incredibly vivid, to the unbelievable in our own world.
7. I discover different cultures and customs, from the extreme to the mundane.
8. I am encouraged by stories from other woman who have faced the same trials as I have and find such peace in God's promises.
9. I learn of delicious new ways to use an ordinary boxed cake mix and make it something extraordinary.
10. I believe no one can ever learn too much, or exhaust their mind to the point it cannot hold any more information, in fact no matter how much we may know, there is infinite more room to discover new ideas and lessons.

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  1. I love this & I completely agree!! Reading is such a great source of so many things in life - inspiration, challenge, entertainment, etc. I love reading!

  2. So true! Historical fiction is my fave, too. I just love seeing how people lived before me. So, who's your favorite author? Or fave book?


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