Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Exercise in Writing

I want to write. More then anything I wish each time I sat down at the keyboard that God would bless me with an endless flow of words. I want to paint pictures with my words, I want to inspire with my words, I want to create with my words. Just as God created man, I wish I could create my own masterpiece, to make others contemplate, wonder, explore their own hearts and minds. But it doesn't come as simply for me. My words come when they come, I cannot force them out. I may have the idea, the thought about which I want to write and share with everyone, but it simply isn't as easy to put it into words. But the feeling, once I do get the divine inspiration from heaven, is so overwhelming, sometimes I can't even sleep at night as the pen and paper, or the keyboard, just calls out my name. I have to get it out of my head before it fades away, and I am again left sitting at the computer with a blank screen and my fingers glued to the same keys just waiting for the moment to begin, flying across the keys when the words do, hopefully, eventually, come out.
Click, clack, click, it begins as an electric spark flowing from my brain, down my neck, into my arms, through my hands and finally escaping with the click, clack, click out my fingertips as I type. Oh the music to my hears to here the keyboard buzzing! I have often wished I could play the piano, make wonderful music to share with all those who could hear, but I find myself now just content and happy when I am able to play on the keyboard of my computer, its almost like music and the words are my notes. But all music, even good music, must have an ending. And too soon, I am speechless again, the keyboard is silent, my thoughts have returned to those of the dull, day to day chores variety. But at least, no matter how occasionally, I am able to write again.

This is one of my exercises in writing, I just sit down an write whatever comes to mind, usually not quite this fluid but I liked this one! Its just something to do when I want to write but don't feel like I can, or don't know what to write about! I actually think its fun and I totally recommend it to anyone even if you do it just when you get bored!

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