Thursday, June 17, 2010

"I want to be a grown up!"

Do you ever find yourself getting nostalgic for those old childhood days? When the magic was alive and bright before your eyes. Everything was new and exciting and full of wonder. Of course we can never have those days back, as hard as we may wish. I remember being so anxious to grow up, to make my own decisions and do whatever I wanted. Of course, now I try to convince my own daughter to enjoy her childhood as I hear those fateful words come out of her own mouth, "I want to be a grown up!". As hard as I try to convince her, there is no swaying her wish. Someday she will be a grown up, and no doubt regretting those words as her own children utter them and the cycle continues.
I hope one day she will sit down and listen to me before its too late. Before her eyes begin to age and the magic and mystery of the world dims into reality. Before those fairy tale dreams, of princes and castles, of fairies and magic wands, fade away into homework and body image, popularity and boys. Maybe I could convince her to cling onto her dreams, and the magic. And then one day I can share with her about a new kind of magic, love and grace.
Her eyes will again be wide with wonder as she sees the world as God created it. She will know the magic of real love, the love that only Jesus Christ could give her. She would feel her burdens lifted as God's amazing grace washes down upon her. Even the rainbow she once dreamed of going over would have new meaning and magic as a promise from God.
This is what I dream of. My children embracing the magic of childhood, when hope is all they have, and as their eyes grow dim to that magic, that the wonder of God will light them again, when grace is all they need.

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  1. Wow!!!! I never knew what a writer you are. This is beautiful and so true to what so many mothers wish for their children.


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