Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have never posted my poetry before, but I have been writing since I was about 12 yrs old, though not often in the past few years. I don't always like the way they come out, but this is one I wrote late fall when I was feeling quite homesick and tired of the tropical weather here on Guam. I thought I had lost this when Jon cleared the computer without having it saved somewhere else, but I found it yesterday in an old email I had sent to someone! Let me know what you think, I enjoy getting the occassional comment! Thank you!


The frosty wind breathes crisp golden leaves
From the heaven stretched arms of Old Man Maple.
They flutter as butterflies into a blanket
To warm the earth as autumn falls over the countryside.
A blazing fire over the land in crimson, orange, and honey.

I walk swiftly with a chill biting at my nose
Click, clack, as my heels splash
Upon the concrete Sidewalk River.
Crunch, as my footsteps lead me over
The lone leaf dusting across the path.

Overhead a sea of charcoal clouds
Form an oil painting on an ivory canvas
As tears begin to fall from Sister Sky
Down to the world below,
Showering us in all of Washington’s glory.

All creatures scurry for shelter,
As the sky is ignited for a moment
And a roar is sounded from above.

I walk as booming thunder claps around me,
Icy rain soaks into my fleece jacket,
And brilliant lightening blazes my trail
For only moments at a time;

Yet I am flooded with warmth.
Encompassed in the familiar world
My heart has long yearned for.

Feeling bitterly cold,
Surrounded by autumn’s vivid blush,
Bombarded by flashes of lightening
And ear splitting thunder,
I am enveloped in memories of home.

The sweet scent of gingerbread and cinnamon
Tickles my nose as images of pumpkins and hayrides
Play like an old movie through my mind.
Laughter and singing ring in my ears
As I reminiscence, and my mouth begins to water
Over the traditional pumpkin pie.

Now I eagerly let Madam Gale push me along,
Forcing me to the place
I have long found my comfort in,
She ushers me inside like a long lost friend
Before rushing off to tend to other homecomings.
Autumn has brought me home.

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