Thursday, June 10, 2010

As the Sun Sets

Have you ever looked out over a beautiful sunset, or sunrise, and wondered how anyone could possibly believe it was just an accident? I find it much more believeable that there is a wonderful and mighty God, who finds it relaxing to begin and end His days by painting a beautiful scene across the sky for all of us to witness and enjoy!

As the Sun Sets

I have come to the edge.
Glancing over the weathered earth,
The grass covered turf reaches down,
As if each blade of green wants to see just a little further,
Trying to get just a closer look.
The ocean battered rocks that emerge from the
Dark churning water below,
Play a soothing melody
Composed by the waves as they flow in and out.
I let my legs dangle over
And dance in midair,
Carefree, not burdened by
My weight for the moment.
A cool breeze sweeps my hair across my eyes,
I quickly tuck it back behind my ear
I want to watch, and not miss an instant.
I stare out across the sea,
I too wish I could get just a little bit closer.
I watch as a giant blazing ball of light
Sinks into the far off depths of the ocean.
Brilliant pink hues fade into melancholy purples
Quickly losing the race as night edges in.
The light of day is swallowed up by the mighty deep
As the all encompassing wave of darkness
Creeps up from all sides
And forces it under, out like a flame in water.
Each sunset, so uniquely, perfectly, unchanged by time.
I linger on the edge,
Marveling at this miracle.
How beautiful to witness God’s painting every twilight,
To watch an original masterpiece being created each night.
Every brushstroke different from the last,
Each color something new painted across the sky,
By the master of all creations.
I marvel and I believe.


  1. Just the other day I was thinking, "Man, it's been a while since Crystal has written anything" and then today I looked, and there are three entries.

    I don't know enough about poetry to be a critic, but your exercise in writing is interesting because when I write, I always just start typing/writing no matter what comes out. I can't think too much about it, or I'll butcher my thoughts. I can always come back later to proofread, but when I'm putting my thoughts down, that stuff just gets in the way.

  2. you're writing is soo wonderful. i hope that you'll continue this doing of yours, you're so inspiring dear :)


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